006 Shooting IDPA & and Maurizio Lai

Since we started the ProArms Podcast we seem to have mentioned IDPA, the International Defensive Pistol Association, in almost every episode. So, we figured that it was time we did an episode where we talk about IDPA. All of us compete in a variety of the shooting disciplines but the one we all have in common is IDPA. We recorded this episode after a match at our local club, First Coast IDPA, hosted by Gateway Rifle and Pistol Club in Jacksonville Florida.  We are joined by a visitor from Italy, Dr Murizio Lai, with whom we talk about gun owner issues and shooting IDPA in Italy, as well as what he had to go through traveling with his guns to the US. Like many of us Dr. Lai is a big Glock and Smith & Wesson fan. Below is a picture of his Glock 19 chambered for the 9 x 21 cartridge. Also joining us is First Coast IDPA Match Director Dr. Ed Sevetz and his friend Donna from Australia, who fired her first shot at the match.

The next afternoon the ProArms team got together to discuss the history of IDPA and the valuable lessons that can be learned when participating in a match. We are joined by Bud Dees, a Firearms Instructor, who gives us his impressions of IDPA as a first time shooter in that arena. We are also joined by Matt Morgan, who is part of the ProArms family, and has been shooting competitively for several years now.  Matt is pictured on our banner; he’s the second from the right.

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It’s Worth Your Time, Money and Effort