009 Smith & Wesson M&P Autopistols and one revolver

Steve is back and in this episode the ProArms Team runs the Smith & Wesson M&P auto pistols through their paces at a local IDPA match.  Mas gives us a history of the M&P and other polymer pistols made by S&W. Chris, who has been a big M&P fan  for quite some time, gives us his opinions and he has a lot of them. You can contact Kenny Dickerson, whom Chris mentions more than once, through Speed Shooters Specialties. Then the whole ProArms team gives their impressions of how the guns fared at the match and in general. Herman, who chose to stick with his M&P revolver, has some interesting observations too. Several of the team members have trained a lot of folks to shoot M&Ps, and its ability to adapt to different shooters is knowledgeably discussed. Learn what major police departments have adopted the M&P pistol, in all four of the calibers in which it is offered. Mas mentions that he was using a TKW holster; TKW does not have a website but can be contacted at: tkwholsters@comcast.net.

The Smith & Wesson M&Ps  we shot for this episode were:

M&P 9 Pro  – Mas
M&P 9  – Gail
M&P 9  – Chris
M&P .45 – John
M&P .45 Manual Safety – Roger Clark
M&P Model 10 .38 Revolver – Herman


Speed Shooters


M&P http://www.smith-wesson.com