Massad Ayoob and Bill Allard

010 Save The Blue Trail Range and a Conversation with Bill Allard

The ProArms podcast is on the road again. This time we visit the Blue Trail Range in Connecticut. The range has been in existence for over 60 years and now they have been under siege by a developer who wants to shut down the range.
Gail talks with range owner David Lyman about the problems they have been facing. If you would like to follow what’s happening there or can help them out in any way visit

In the second segment Massad and Gail talk to a living legend: Bill Allard. Bill was part of the well known New York City Stake-Out Squad, which was disbanded in the 1970’s. First we talk about the work he is doing now with American Defense Systems, Inc. Then he talks to us about some of his experiences and the mindsetneeded to survive a gunfight. You can read more about Bill Allard and his late partner in Paul Kirchner’s excellent book, “Jim Cirillo’s Tales of the Stakeout Squad.”