015 The 10mm and the Harold Fish Case

The ProArms Team discusses the 10mm. Mas covers the History of the 10mm and the group discusses the various guns and cartridges available.

Next we listen to a gentleman who was involved with the Harold Fish case from Arizona. Harold Fish defended himself from an irate attacker, while walking on the Arizona Trail, with a 10mm Handgun and is currently in prison after being found guilty of Second Degree Murder.  In the court case the 10mm pistol he used was demonized as well as his choice of hollowpoint ammo for it. We’re not telling you don’t carry a 10mm or don’t carry hollowpoints, we’re showing you an example of how you can be doing everything correctly and still be in trouble. JR Robie was Harold Fish’s Concealed Carry Instructor. Check out MSNBC for their story on Mr Fish and don’t forget to check out the evidence pictures. Read Mr. Fish’s statement at the sentencing hearing, imagine how this could happen to any of us. J.R. tells us what he knows about Harold’s story and a little bit about this case. Mr Fish is appealing his case and could use all the help he can get.

Update: Harold Fish died on Sept 8, 2012.