018 Crimson Trace Laser Grips and Laser Sights Review

Finally we present our much awaited, much requested episode on Crimson Trace Laser Grips and Sights. We all use them for a variety of purposes and hope we can answer some of our listener questions here.

First we’ll start off with a link to crimson trace so you can see just what we are talking about:


Chris Christian could not be with us on the day we recorded so we are posting what he had to say here:

Many shooters find that with just minimal practice the CTC sights can be instinctual to use in a stress situation.

You know that I’m a well trained shooter, practice regularly, and am always among the Most Accurate at the one or two IDPA matches I shoot each month. I know what iron sights look like, and how to use them I also have CTCs on three “working” guns. The CTCs are zeroed, but I don’t practice with the lasers much at all ( I may go months without firing a single round with them).Virtually all my practice is with my iron sighted match guns.

NOW.. WITH ALL THAT SAID… When I went through LFI 1 last year we did the video “Shoot/Don’t Shoot” drills. Steve’s J-frame (empty) with CTC was the gun we used. There is a significant degree of stress facing the video with the whole class watching. Your conscious mind is attempting to evaluate the situation and take the proper course of action. The first scenario I faced was the old fart with the crowbar at the back of the house who suddenly turns and charges you with it raised. It happens very fast! I quickly double tapped him in the upper COM (Sniper’s Triangle, Golden Triangle, whatever you want to call it). Steve commented ” Good hits.”

I knew they were because I could see the laser. BUT I DO NOT CONSCIOUSLY REMEMBER SEEING THE IRON SIGHTS. When that threat materialized quickly, under stress, the gun was properly presented to the target and that bright red dot became my immediate sub-conscious focus point. It overrode years of iron sight training. It completely dominated my sub-conscious mind and the double tap hits were instinctive. If the laser had not been present I would have made hits with the iron sights… but not as fast, and not as accurately.

My experience… and my opinion… is that a shooter with some level of training will bring the gun on target, and seek some degree of sight picture/sight alignment. If the laser isn’t visible due to light levels or background it is a non-factor, ignored by the sub-conscious, and iron sight training takes over. If the laser is brightly visible it seems to AUTOMATICALLY OVERRIDE that… sub-consciously… and becomes the focal point. And, it doesn’t seem to take a lot of training to have that occur. When things happen quick & close that bright red dot will drive the sub-conscious mind,

Just a thought.