Woo-hoo! Here’s our second and final podcast out of the 2009 SHOT Show in Orlando, Florida.

Good news: we got some GREAT, exclusive interviews with heavy hitters in the firearms world!

Listen to Scott O’Brien, head of Safariland’s combined products group, explaining why an era has ended and Bianchi holsters, that once competed with Safariland holsters, will now be “Bianchi by Safariland,” etc.

Listen to Charles Brown, speaking for Hi-Point, Charter Arms, and Chiappa explain where those manufacturers position those “entry level” guns, and why. (Hint: you’ll be surprised at how much of the market share Hi-Point holds.)

Listen to Justin Moon, designer of the Kahr pistol series and head of the company, tell the story of the Kahr product and introduce you to their new, ten-ounce, mini-.380 pistol.

…And, finally, listen to The Great One, multiple time world champion Rob Leatham, tell his own story as it has never been told before! Be prepared for gun advice from the World Champ that may shock you!

Bad news: we did the interviews amid a Tower of Babel of almost 50,000 people talking simultaneously in a convention center, with all sorts of electronic interference. Yes, you’ll be able to hear everything that was being said…but not, it won’t have the sound quality of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing in a studio.