027 Interview with Ron Borsch and Lou Ann Hamblin

Another Episode from the road, This time at the ILEETA conference in Wheeling IL

We have 3 interviews. First we talk to Lou Ann Hamblin a police trainer who, we found out the next day after we did our interview, won the Iron Cop Competition. She discusses a couple of women Police Officers that she uses as examples of officer survival and staying in the fight. Below Are links to more information about them.

Links from Lou Ann Hamblin’s Interview:

Stacy Lim




Jennifer Fulford






Next, we talk to the inventor of a new product the Train Safe a firearm barrel block that gives everyone visual evidence of a disabled firearm even with chamber closed. I thought this would be great for dry-fire practice and really would have come in handy in a class I recently attended where the instructor swept the entire class, he had checked his gun and I guess we were supposed to take his word for it because he stood by his technique even when called on his unsafe behavior. I don’t even like guns that I have checked myself to by pointed at any part of my body. A product like this could eliminate that problem.

Finally we talk to Ron Borsch who has researched Active-Killer shootings and analyzed the results, his conclusion is that 50% of these shootings are stopped by unarmed citizens and another 25% are stopped by armed citizens. He challenges the police department policies that prescribe that officers wait for orders before entering a building with an active-killing in progress. It is a very interesting discussion that although what he teaches is for police officers only, there are significant implications for the armed citizen. We include his handout with his permission.

Links to some of the stories Ron Borsch refers to: