035 The Bison King

This is a story of justice gone wrong. It doesn’t include guns or shooting but there are many lessons to be learned here.

If you spend any time on the various internet fora you will come across many discussions of what would happen if one is involved in a self-defense shooting. You will hear people state something to the effect of “It doesn’t matter what kind of gun, ammo, trigger etc. that I use, all that matters is if it’s a good shoot.” The people who actually work in the courts have seen otherwise. Often, personal agendas and political correctness drive lawsuits that have no merit, and occasionally, they even engender wrongful prosecutions.

Here, Attorney Jim Fleming details one of the latter. It wasn’t a shooting case, but the same dynamics that occurred in this incident will be familiar to anyone who has ever been wrongfully accused.

You can get the book “The Bison King” at Tate Publishing or at Amazon for the Kindle.