047 Ed Brown and Jared Reston

This week we have two very different interviews both recorded at the SHOT show in January.

First we have Mas interviewing Ed Brown of Here’s a review of the gun by Walt Rauch.
Ed Brown and Mas with the Massad Ayoob Signature 1911

The second interview that Mas does is the latest in our series of interviews with people who have been in armed encounters and survived to share their stories with us. This time Mas interviews Jared Reston a Jacksonville Florida Police Officer who not only survived seven hits with a .45, he was able to win the fight. He was most definitely saved by wearing his bullet-proof vest but he still received some very serious gunshot wounds. Listen to his chilling story. Once again, as in all of these stories, there are many lessons here to be learned. I am just going to list a few links to Jared’s story here.

Jan 26, 2008
Jan 30, 2008
SHOT Show 2010 video

Jared Reston pointing to where the .45 cal bullet exited after it smashed his jaw.

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