085 AR-15 Wisdom

The ProArms Podcast team picks the brains of a top AR15 instructor “Kevin.”  He touches on the fine points of selection, operation, and maintenance.  “Everything you need…and nothing you don’t.”

Article about steel cased vs. brass cased ammo.

2 thoughts on “085 AR-15 Wisdom”

  1. The only thing you didn’t mention in the use of steel cased ammo vs. brass is that over the course of the 6000 rounds or so that might wear out your barrel (from using steel cased), the money you save will pay for just about anything that will wear out with some extra. It’s kind of 6 one, half-dozen the other. That’s assuming you’re not using a very high end AR of course.


  2. I feel that I should point out that absolutely NO hogs were harmed in any way, either during the original incident or during the recording of this podcast. 🙂

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