091 Women Trainers, Women Carry 4

OMG!!! Another ProArms Podcast already and it’s a ProArms BroadCast!

We threw the guys out again up at Firearms Academy of Seattle and had a roundtable discussion with just the women. Our guests this week are Jenna Meek, Tammy Smith, Jennie VanTuyl and Diane Walls.


Links for this episode:

A Girl & A Gun

Women Carry

Vicki Farnam

Threat Anatomy

Law Enforcement Targets (training targets, in human form)

Cornered Cat Handgun Retention 

The “Monkey Dance” F

OODA loop

The Gift of Fear

4 thoughts on “091 Women Trainers, Women Carry

  • Rod Dixon

    Great show, appreciate the girls defending the good male instructors. Really appreciate the more frequent podcasts, also. Although they’re always worth the wait, I like getting the podcasts more often. Great Job!

    • admin Post author

      Thanks Rod, I am making an effort to get them posted on a more regular basis again.

      • Rod Dixon

        I’d love to hear a podcast that among other things compares shooting the Glock 26 & the Glock 43, along with Mas’ wisdom in whether carrying a six round gun vs 10 round when G26 can also use mags from G19, G17 & 33 rnd.

        • admin Post author

          Thanks I will try to work these in. We will be shooting the G26 and G43 at an upcoming GLock match, I’ll try to post something after that.

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