091 Women Trainers, Women Carry

OMG!!! Another ProArms Podcast already and it’s a ProArms BroadCast!

We threw the guys out again up at Firearms Academy of Seattle and had a roundtable discussion with just the women. Our guests this week are Jenna Meek, Tammy Smith, Jennie VanTuyl and Diane Walls.


Links for this episode:

A Girl & A Gun

Women Carry

Vicki Farnam

Threat Anatomy

Law Enforcement Targets (training targets, in human form)

Cornered Cat Handgun Retention 

The “Monkey Dance” F

OODA loop

The Gift of Fear

4 thoughts on “091 Women Trainers, Women Carry”

  1. Great show, appreciate the girls defending the good male instructors. Really appreciate the more frequent podcasts, also. Although they’re always worth the wait, I like getting the podcasts more often. Great Job!

      1. I’d love to hear a podcast that among other things compares shooting the Glock 26 & the Glock 43, along with Mas’ wisdom in whether carrying a six round gun vs 10 round when G26 can also use mags from G19, G17 & 33 rnd.

        1. Thanks I will try to work these in. We will be shooting the G26 and G43 at an upcoming GLock match, I’ll try to post something after that.

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