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104 The Almond Avenue Pharmacy Shootout 1

On Tuesday, January 8, 2013, two men entered the Almond Avenue Pharmacy in Madera, CA guns blazing. First, they shot Bryan Lee’s mother but Bryan was ready. As the bottle of pills he was holding exploded in his hand, he jumped off his pharmacist stool and performed the prescribed response, killing one assailant in the process and wounding the other. Bryan told his story at a MAG40 class recently in Sacramento, CA and graciously allowed us to share it with our listeners.

Photo shows the positions of Lee, Bailey and Harris in the pharmacy

Photo shows the positions of Lee, Bailey and Harris.

List of what Bryan Lee was carrying that day.

This is what Bryan Lee was carrying that day.

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One thought on “104 The Almond Avenue Pharmacy Shootout

  • Anthony

    Wow, what an crazy story. What amazes me is his the mental part of this story; to go from mixing medications one second to defending one’s life while being attacked in the next is incredible. Many people would not be able to transition so quickly and so well; the attackers completely had a drop on him and were firing nevertheless he moved, sought cover, drew his weapon, and returned effective shots literally within a couple of heart beats.
    more and more I am convinced its about the software and not hardware: mindset, shooting skills, situational awareness.

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