Monthly Archives: September 2009

An Interview with Paul Barrett of Business Week Magazine the Lead Author of this week’s cover feature on Glock. This episode was originally posted in Sept 2009.

036 The Story Behind the Story

This is a story of justice gone wrong. It doesn’t include guns or shooting but there are many lessons to be learned here. If you spend any time on the various internet fora you will come across many discussions of what would happen if one is involved in a self-defense […]

035 The Bison King

When Andy Brown was a 25 year old Airforce Security Policeman at Fairchild AFB in Washington he single-handedly stop an active killer who had already killed or injured injured over 25 people. Andy shared his story with a recent LFI class and gave us permission to share his story with […]

033 The Fairchild Incident – Andy Brown