047 Ed Brown and Jared Reston

This week we have two very different interviews both recorded at the SHOT show in January.

First we have Mas interviewing Ed Brown of Here’s a review of the gun by Walt Rauch.
Ed Brown and Mas with the Massad Ayoob Signature 1911

The second interview that Mas does is the latest in our series of interviews with people who have been in armed encounters and survived to share their stories with us. This time Mas interviews Jared Reston a Jacksonville Florida Police Officer who not only survived seven hits with a .45, he was able to win the fight. He was most definitely saved by wearing his bullet-proof vest but he still received some very serious gunshot wounds. Listen to his chilling story. Once again, as in all of these stories, there are many lessons here to be learned. I am just going to list a few links to Jared’s story here.

Jan 26, 2008
Jan 30, 2008
SHOT Show 2010 video

Jared Reston pointing to where the .45 cal bullet exited after it smashed his jaw.

We enjoy all of the Podcasts on the Gun Rights Radio Network and participate in the forum but the GRRN needs our help to continue. As we add more Podcasts to the network and new people join the forum our resourced are getting sapped. We at the ProArms Podcast never ask you for donations because we have a wonderful sponsor, the Pro Arms Store, but the GRRN relies on subscriptions to pay it’s bills. So in order to help raise some funds for the GRRN we are offering a chance to win $800.00 worth of training from the newly formed Massad Ayoob Group. That amount will cover the tuition for 4 or 5 day MAG 40 course. We will be accepting entries through September 30 2010.

If you would like to enter please forward a copy of your paid subscription or donation to: contest@massadayoobgroup.com.

One last comment: We are still in the process of moving everything over to our new servers for the podcast and are trying to make a few improvements / adjustments too. For instance the MP3 file for this Podcast is considerably smaller. If you notice and problems with the audio portion of this episode please let us know over at the Gun  Rights Radio Network.

046 McDonald v Chicago

In light of the upcoming McDonald v Chicago Supreme Court Case we present a recording made at a Press Conference recorded at the last SHOT Show.
Participating in the Press Conference are Joe Tartaro and Alan Gottlieb of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

For more information on the case go to chicagoguncase.com

045 – The ProArms Broadcast, Two Great Books

This week Terri and Gail take over the Podcast, there has been way too much testosterone around here lately so we thought we would bring you two books by female authors that we recommend highly. You have heard them both on the ProArms Podcast before and we’re always glad to get them on the show. First we talk to Gila Hayes about her newest book “Personal Defense for Women” Gila is a prolific writer and a firearms instructor at the Firearms Academy of Seattle. This interview was recorded last September up at F.A.S. just after we heard the news about the woman who was murdered at Yale University. The next interview is with another prolific author, Kathy Jackson,  who is also the editor of Concealed Carry Magazine and the creator the The Cornered Cat website. If you’ve never visited The Corner Cat  you’re missing a lot and it’s not just for women, guys can learn something there too.  Kathy talks with us about her book that she co-authored with Mark Walters of Armed American Radio called Lessons from Armed America.True-life stories of armed encounters and the lessons that we can learn from them. We end this episode with a stirring rendition of  “The Gringo Pistolero” as performed by Andy Stanford.

044 Rangelog, HoJutSu & Federal Ammunition

This week we’re back with a trio of interviews from the SHOT Show.

First we talk with Tim Brandt from Federal Premium about new ammunition they are developing and some old ammunition.

Next we talk to Jeff Hall who is the founder of Hojutsu, the art of gunnery.

Our third segment brings you one of the developers of a new training tool called Rangelog. It’s an online training tool for shooters.   We get a lot of questions asking us how to train, what kind of drills to do, how do you know when you are getting better, etc.  Rangelog looks like the answer to most of these questions, it is a website where you can keep track of your training drills, chart your progress and much more. You can enter your own drills or search their library of drills to find new training drills for you to try.  Listen to this episode as Andrew Hill tells about this Website and a special offer for ProArms Podcast Listeners.

Soke Jeff Hall at the live fire portion on the Hojutsu test

043 The 2010 SHOT Show Episode

Steve, Mas and Gail attended this years SHOT Show in Las Vegas and John attended a distributor show, they get together and discuss some of the new products they found.

Everyone has pictures of the new Gen 4 Glock so we are showing you the new double captive recoil spring that is supposed to reduce the felt recoil.


The two new Smith & Wesson Bodyguards


The Bodyguard-38


The Bodyguard-380


The new Ruger SR9C


Taurus TCP


The Taurus TCP in the requisite Pink


The most promising Mossberg 510 Mini Shotgun in 20G


042 Two from the Vault

For the first episode on our new website we are presenting two great interviews that we were saving for just the right moment and that right moment is now.

First the good news and the then the other news. First, we have a new website, second we have the same feed at least temporarily.

This episode features Manny Kapelsohn, who bring us some of his vast experience as a police trainer, attorney, truly a man of many talents.

Then we talk with Brian Hallaq another attorney who tells his story of how he went from being totally anti-gun to where he is today, a firearms trainer as well as the owner of a shooting range.

We’re gearing up for the SHOT show and watch this space for updates every night.

041 Gifts for the Gun Enthusiasts in Your Life

Some of the ProArms Team gathered this week to talk about gift ideas for the gun lovers in your life and a little wackiness ensued.

Some of the items we mentioned:

EOTAC tactical clothing (Follow ProArms on Twitter for a discount code)

Wilderness Tactical Makers of the great belt we were talking about.

Lee Valley Tools for Gail’s favorite tactical door stop.