049 A Conversation with Otis McDonald

Anyone who has been following Massad Ayoob’s Blog knows that we have been working on a series of interviews with the Plaintiffs in the McDonald v Chicago Case presented before the Supreme Court. First he presented an interview with Colleen Lawson, today we present our interview with Otis McDonald and our next episode will have interviews with the last two of the four plaintiffs David Lawson and Adam Orlov. So now, sit back and enjoy the conversation Mas had with Otis McDonald.

048 ProArms Broadcast: McDonald v Chicago – Colleen Lawson & Kathy Jackson “Nothing Happened”

We bring you two strong, intelligent women who are both very involved in the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

First is Kathy Jackson, who you have heard on our Podcast before, this time we present a recording of a talk about situational awareness that she gave during a class at the Firearms Academy of Seattle Last Summer.

Kathy Jackson

Next we talk to Colleen Lawson, who is one of the plaintiffs in the McDonald v Chicago case that was presented before the Supreme Court. For more commentary on the case visit Mas’ blog at Backwoods Home Magazine

Colleen Lawson