056 The Urban Shooter and the Tactical Doctor

Once again we go into the vault for 2 segments too good to allow them to languish there any longer.

First we visit with our brother from a different Mother; Kenn Blanchard, the GRRN. We met up with him at the last SHOT Show in Vegas and had a great time hanging out with him after Media Day.

Next we talk with Dr. Jim Williams who created Steve wrote about Tactical Anatomy for Officer.com.

Other links from this Episode:

ILEETA – International Law Enforcement Trainers Association

ACLDN Booklet- What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law

Was Kenn really naked when we recorded this Podcast?

The naked truth… L to R, David Blazek, Steve Denney, Kenn Blanchard and Gail Pepin

055 “We’re Getting the Band Back Together” to discuss the .357 SIG cartridge

We had a podcast powerful enough turn goat piss into gasoline!

It’s been a long time since we had the whole Band together, this time we have everyone but Mike (he was up “nort”) to discuss our experiences with the .357SIG cartridge. The topic was by listener request. Learn how many state police departments have adopted it, why it can be an ideal personal protection round in rural areas, and why some of our podcast team members carry that caliber daily.

Links from this episode:

Ocala Sportman’s Association

First Coast IDPA

Flagler IDPA

PPC Matches

IDPA New Rules


Warren Tactical Sights

Cover of Mas’ book that we discussed in the episode

054 Jeff Hall and The Firefight at Manley Hot Springs

Our series of interviews with those who have prevailed in gunfights continues. In this gripping episode, famed Alaska State Trooper Jeff Hall discusses the cataclysmic gunfight in which he killed the serial murderer who had just mortally wounded Jeff’s partner. Jeff offers deep insights into the mindset required for winning a gunfight, and explains why after a long career in law enforcement he is a staunch advocate of a responsibly armed citizenry.

Jeff Hall demonstrates a double-tap with a Nighthawk 1911.

Jeff’s Story at Tactical-Life.com

Story from the Gadsden Times

ESCA Tech for the D Lead Soap