059 Proarms Broadcast – Shooting Stars

It’s another ProArms Broadcast. This episodes theme is “Shooting Stars”  First, we visit with Joanna Lenczewska a true Star Shooter. We met up with Joanna and her husband Ken Ortbach last January at the SHOT Show, where we talked with them about all the shooting sports they are involved in and a lot more.

Next it’s Debbie Albright who runs a women’s shooting program in Sierra Vista, AZ who we just happened to run in to at the range while we were there teaching the first MAG 40 class.

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Ben Avery Range

Sierra Vista Rod and Gun

Shooting Stars

Joanna Lenczewska and Ken Ortbach.

Joanna’s beautiful Christmas Present Revolver

Joanna; “Kicking some Butt”

Debbie Albright founder of “Shooting Stars”

Debbie teaching at one of the Shooting Star Classes

Typical Shooting Stars Target.

058 The ProArms Team Talks Politics

We got (most of) the gang together for a little round table discussion of politics. You’re not going to hear any shouting or name calling  or endorsements of one candidate over another. We talk abouthow you choose a candidate once you identify the issues that are important to you.

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Second Amendment Foundation

Handgun Podcast

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Check out John’s audition video for the next Season of Top Shot.

Also as we announced in the Podcast we will be ending the contest for $800 worth of training from Massad Ayoob Group one week early, the deadline for entries will be on Sept 23, with the winner drawn over the following weekend at the Gun Rights Policy Conference.

057 It’s a ProArms BroadCast! With Kathy Jackson and Jennie Van Tuyl

Another (almost) all girl Podcast, we visit one again with our friend Kathy Jackson to talk about her upcoming book based on her fabulous Cornered Cat Website we also get some news from Concealed Carry Magazine of which Kathy is the Managing Editor.

We also Talk to Jeannie VanTuyl who runs a “Gun Boutique” catering to women particularly but not necessarily exclusively, he husband Bill is customizing some amazing home Defense 20g shotguns. These are exactly the type of shotguns we recommended in our shotgun episodes, they’re not easy to find but you can get them at Jennies Shop:

Rivendell Sales & Consulting
P.O. Box 355
Vaughn, Wa 98349.

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Norpoint Range


Oleg Volk

Overview of the Remington 1100, note the “non-tactical” wood Furniture

“Sporting 20″ a kinder, friendlier name.

Remington 1100

Close-up of the shortened butt-stock and recoil pad

Close-up showing the extended safety,

Rifle Sights

and extended magazine.

Ok, we let some men shoot it. This gun has very little recoil and gets right back on target.

Jennie rocking the shotgun

Jennie & Bill Van Tuyl of Rivendell Sales and Consulting