099 The John Daub Incident

We are at the NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta.

Not a lot of need for text this episode, so just the links:

Home Invader: The John Daub Incident in American Handgunner.

John writes about what happened on his blog.

Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network

098 Beyond the One Percent

An Interview with Karl Rehn about his excellent presentation at Tac-Con this year.  One of the big hits was his illustration of the Dunning-Kruger effect highlighting “The Peak of Mount Stupid” and “The Valley of Despair.”

The Peak of Mount Stupid from http://ypsgroup.com
The Peak of Mount Stupid from http://ypsgroup.com

You can read a written account of Karl’s presentation on his blog Notes From KR.

For information about upcoming class visit KR Training and their Facebook Page.

Some more links for this episode:

A Girl and a Gun

More good advice about becoming a Firearms Instructor

097 The Early Days of the Officer Survival Movement


Denny Anderson was “in at the beginning” of the Officer Survival training movement in the early 1970s, which in turn was the seedbed for much of what is now doctrine for law-abiding armed citizens.  Joining with Chuck Remsberg, Tom McTernan, and Ron Adams, he co-wrote the timeless “Street Survival” book, and he and Remsberg created the Caliber Press Street Survival Seminars which still exist today.

Go back to the roots as Denny tells us how things were then…and how much they’ve changed for the better since.

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MAG classes