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061 The IDPA Nationals 2010

We get most of the ProArms crew together, in our round-table format, to discuss the recent IDPA Nationals. Including what you need to do in order to qualify to go to the National Match, our equipment choices and some lessons learned.

International Defensive Shooting Association

U.S. Shooting Academy

060 Protecting Yourself on the Street and in Court

We’re back with another set of interviews for your listening pleasure. First we will hear from Tom Givens of Rangemaster in Memphis, an excellent training facility who probably has the dubious distinction of have trained the largest number of armed citizens that have been involved in a self-defense incident that required them to draw a weapon. You can find information about their Tactical Conferences there too.

Tom also writes for SWAT Magazine and we talk about his recent review of the Taurus Judge. Sorry but the article isn’t on like but I have linked to the issue.

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Second up will be an update on The Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network with Marty Hayes. the network has grown considerably since it’s inception almost three years ago. Marty talks about a case the network worked on you can find more info on the case in the September ACLDN Journal.

044 Rangelog, HoJutSu & Federal Ammunition

This week we’re back with a trio of interviews from the SHOT Show.

First we talk with Tim Brandt from Federal Premium about new ammunition they are developing and some old ammunition.

Next we talk to Jeff Hall who is the founder of Hojutsu, the art of gunnery.

Our third segment brings you one of the developers of a new training tool called Rangelog. It’s an online training tool for shooters.   We get a lot of questions asking us how to train, what kind of drills to do, how do you know when you are getting better, etc.  Rangelog looks like the answer to most of these questions, it is a website where you can keep track of your training drills, chart your progress and much more. You can enter your own drills or search their library of drills to find new training drills for you to try.  Listen to this episode as Andrew Hill tells about this Website and a special offer for ProArms Podcast Listeners.

Soke Jeff Hall at the live fire portion on the Hojutsu test

032 “Mirror Image”

We shoot a match “mirror image” meaning that everything is done exactly opposite of what you usually do. In this case we were all right handed, meaning we had our holsters on the left and magazines on the right, revolver shooters had their speedloaders on the left since they usually carry them on their gun side. Hear the many reasons why we did it, and what we learned.

024 ProArms Training Tips

Each member of the ProArms Podcast Team shares some of their training regimen with the listeners.

There’s not too much text for this episode; first the links and then on to the videos.
The targets you see Steve and Gail shoot are available at: RTKBA Targets
The target Herman is shooting is the Optional USPSA Target from: Target Barn
John talks about the CED7000 timer which most of us use is available here: CED timer
The article Gail refers to is : Drills for the Public Range by Andy Kemp, who also offers excellent training in Illinois and Idaho.

Steve shows us how to trust our “wobble zone” in Shake, Rattle and Roll

Mike stresses how important is is to practice with your non-dominant hand.

Mas practices re-loading and maintaining sustained fire

Herman shows us how he practices a “Focus Drill”

Terri, who excels at distance shooting demonstrates her long range “Focus Drill”.
In this video you can really see how she deals with being cross-eye dominant, she is right handed with a dominant left eye.

John demonstrates String three of the IDPA classifier.

Chris does the “Gunsite Drill” and a drill of his own.

Gail shows how we can adapt to practice/train on a public range.