Gunfight Survivors

Almond Avenue Pharmacy 1
On Tuesday, January 8, 2013, two men entered the Almond Avenue Pharmacy in Madera, CA guns blazing. First, they shot Bryan Lee’s mother but Bryan was ready. As the bottle of pills he was holding exploded in his hand, he jumped off his pharmacist stool and performed the prescribed response, killing one […]

104 The Almond Avenue Pharmacy Shootout

In this podcast, hero police lieutenant Brian Murphy shares his story.  The first responder to the Sikh Temple mass murder in 2012, Brian stopped the slaughter of the helpless by keeping the killer occupied until brother officer Sam Lenda could get there and, from 60 yards away, shoot down the […]

103 Survivor – The Sikh Temple Shooting.

We are at the NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta. Not a lot of need for text this episode, so just the links: Home Invader: The John Daub Incident in American Handgunner. John writes about what happened on his blog. Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network

099 The John Daub Incident

Rich Carmona’s story is one that should have been in Reader’s Digest before it was in the ProArms Podcast.  Born poor in the barrio, he worked his way up from Green Beret medic to pioneer of the SWAT physician concept to Surgeon General of the United States.  But here’s what […]

096 This Podcast is Surgeon General Approved!

Spencer Newcomer Addresses a MAG 40 class in Harrisburg, PA. August 3012 4
On June 10, 2012 Spencer Newcomer shot and killed his next door neighbor in self defense. On this episode of the ProArms Podcast we listen in as Spencer recounts his experiences on that day and during his subsequent incarceration and eventual acquittal of a First-Degree Murder charge. Friend of the […]

087 The Spencer Newcomer Case

Bonaci Jewelry Store Attempted Robbery 4
In May 0f 2013 and armed robber attempted to rob the Bonaci Jewelry Store in Kent, WA. The robber came in with his gun drawn, Bob Bonaci had little time to react but react he did. He performed the indicated response and the robber was found dead on a bench […]

084 The Bonaci Jewelry Store Attempted Robbery

You heard about Joe Zamudio, the armed citizen hero who helped stop the Tucson Massacre last January, and heard clips of his comments on TV and YouTube. Now, for the first time, hear his whole story in his own words, at a Massad Ayoob Group class hosted by Dan Southard’s […]


The ProArms crew is proud to bring you an interview with one of the survivors of the cataclysmic gunfight that occurred in a southern Miami suburb now known as Pinecrest, 25 years ago this coming April 11. New information continues to emerge from this extremely complicated engagement. It had been […]


Our series of interviews with those who have prevailed in gunfights continues. In this gripping episode, famed Alaska State Trooper Jeff Hall discusses the cataclysmic gunfight in which he killed the serial murderer who had just mortally wounded Jeff’s partner. Jeff offers deep insights into the mindset required for winning […]

054 Jeff Hall and The Firefight at Manley Hot Springs

When Andy Brown was a 25 year old Airforce Security Policeman at Fairchild AFB in Washington he single-handedly stop an active killer who had already killed or injured injured over 25 people. Andy shared his story with a recent LFI class and gave us permission to share his story with […]

033 The Fairchild Incident – Andy Brown