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096 This Podcast is Surgeon General Approved!

Rich Carmona’s story is one that should have been in Reader’s Digest before it was in the ProArms Podcast.  Born poor in the barrio, he worked his way up from Green Beret medic to pioneer of the SWAT physician concept to Surgeon General of the United States.  But here’s what brings him to ProArms.

In 1999, while off-duty, Dr. Carmona encountered a mad dog murderer who was about to claim his second victim, a woman he was trying to carjack.  Carmona intervened, and when the criminal opened fire on him, the good doctor shot back and killed him.

We at the ProArms Podcast are honored to present the story of a doctor who used his expertise with a Colt .45 automatic to save the life of a soon-to-be victim, as well as his own.  We’ll never know how many more lives were saved when Dr. Carmona’s courageous action put a permanent end to a crazed killer’s rampage.


090 Officer Tim Gramins, Skokie Police Dept.

August 2008, Officer Tim Gramins of the Skokie, IL Police dept. comes across a bad guy, a real bad guy who soaked up 14 rounds of .45ACP before the last 3 shots took him down. Listen here to Officer Gramins tell the story of what happened that day.

Why one cop carries 145 rounds of ammo on the job – Police One

Shots Fired, Skokie, Ill., Crime Scene

087 The Spencer Newcomer Case

On June 10, 2012 Spencer Newcomer shot and killed his next door neighbor in self defense. On this episode of the ProArms Podcast we listen in as Spencer recounts his experiences on that day and during his subsequent incarceration and eventual acquittal of a First-Degree Murder charge.

Friend of the ProArms Podcast and founder of the Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense  Network, Marty Hayes, was an expert witness for Spencer’s defense.

Live Blogging of the trial here.

Some local coverage of the case:

Police: Dogs prompted fatal final argument in Springettsbury Township feud

Admitted gunman found not guilty of all charges

Trial begins to determine whether Springetts shooting was murder or self-defense

Jury acquits Springetts man who fatally shot his next-door neighbor

Man fatally shoots neighbor in chest

084 The Bonaci Jewelry Store Attempted Robbery

In May 0f 2013 and armed robber attempted to rob the Bonaci Jewelry Store in Kent, WA. The robber came in with his gun drawn, Bob Bonaci had little time to react but react he did. He performed the indicated response and the robber was found dead on a bench some time later.

There are many lessons to learn from this incident. The first lesson is how fast this can and did happen and how little time you may have to react. We have several videos from a couple of different angles showing how quickly this transpired.

First video is the attempted robbery at real time:

Attempted Robbery at 1/8th speed:

Another View:

Same view in 1/8th time:

Four Views of the incident in real time:


You heard about Joe Zamudio, the armed citizen hero who helped stop the Tucson Massacre last January, and heard clips of his comments on TV and YouTube.
Now, for the first time, hear his whole story in his own words, at a Massad Ayoob Group class hosted by Dan Southard’s Gator Farms Tactical in Sierra Vista, AZ.
Share Joe’s outrage at the Brady Bunch types who accused him of “almost shooting the wrong person” … and realize by that standard, if you’re listening to this podcast while driving, you just “almost” had a hundred head-on collisions with traffic in the opposite lane. We salute Joe Zamudio, a genuine American hero and a role model for responsibly armed citizens.
Joe with the Ruger P95 he had that fateful day, in a holster custom made for him by Jim March.


The ProArms crew is proud to bring you an interview with one of the survivors of the cataclysmic gunfight that occurred in a southern Miami suburb now known as Pinecrest, 25 years ago this coming April 11.

New information continues to emerge from this extremely complicated engagement. It had been reported that Hanlon had passed out from loss of blood after being wounded and seeing his companions killed alongside him, but we now learn from the man himself that he never lost consciousness.

In the moments before the shooting erupted, while Hanlon was trying to force the suspects’ car off the road from the left side, Agent Richard Manauzzi had rammed the fugitive vehicle from behind, spinning it out of control. Mas had reported back in the ‘80s that Manauzzi had done so to keep either of them from shooting Hanlon or his partner Ed Mireles, but Hanlon reveals that Manauzzi had actually seen suspect Michael Platt raising his rifle toward Hanlon and Mireles. In risking his own life to ram them, Manauzzi probably saved the lives of the agents. Without that action, the fatalities on the FBI side would likely have doubled. We are pleased to be the venue in which this important information was revealed.

Steve and Mas, two of our ProArms members with many years in law enforcement, both feel that Hanlon’s comments about the character needed for the job should be played to police recruits on their first day at the Academy.

All of us salute the eight courageous agents, living and dead, whose selfless actions brought to an end the long, murderous rampage of Michael Platt and William Matix, and we particularly thank retired Special Agent John Hanlon for sharing his recollections and observations with us and our listeners.

054 Jeff Hall and The Firefight at Manley Hot Springs

Our series of interviews with those who have prevailed in gunfights continues. In this gripping episode, famed Alaska State Trooper Jeff Hall discusses the cataclysmic gunfight in which he killed the serial murderer who had just mortally wounded Jeff’s partner. Jeff offers deep insights into the mindset required for winning a gunfight, and explains why after a long career in law enforcement he is a staunch advocate of a responsibly armed citizenry.

Jeff Hall demonstrates a double-tap with a Nighthawk 1911.

Jeff’s Story at

Story from the Gadsden Times

ESCA Tech for the D Lead Soap

052 Interview with Bob Stasch of the Chicago Police Department

Another “On the Road” Episode, this time we talk to a 30 year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, who shares a wealth of his experience with us. We caught up with Bob Stasch at the ILEETA conference in Illinois last month and in this episode Mas talks to him about his many years “on the job” … and the many line of duty gunfights he has survived and won.

Bob Stasch in his office in Chicago

First Shots is coming to Live Oak, Florida!

Pro Arms is having a First Shots Program at their Live Oak Florida location. First Shots is a great introduction to shooting for anyone interested in the shooting sports, no experience necessary.

Date: June 26, 2010

Time 1:00 & 3:00 PM

To sign up call 386-364-GUNS and ask for Steve.

047 Ed Brown and Jared Reston

This week we have two very different interviews both recorded at the SHOT show in January.

First we have Mas interviewing Ed Brown of Here’s a review of the gun by Walt Rauch.
Ed Brown and Mas with the Massad Ayoob Signature 1911

The second interview that Mas does is the latest in our series of interviews with people who have been in armed encounters and survived to share their stories with us. This time Mas interviews Jared Reston a Jacksonville Florida Police Officer who not only survived seven hits with a .45, he was able to win the fight. He was most definitely saved by wearing his bullet-proof vest but he still received some very serious gunshot wounds. Listen to his chilling story. Once again, as in all of these stories, there are many lessons here to be learned. I am just going to list a few links to Jared’s story here.

Jan 26, 2008
Jan 30, 2008
SHOT Show 2010 video

Jared Reston pointing to where the .45 cal bullet exited after it smashed his jaw.

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033 The Fairchild Incident – Andy Brown

When Andy Brown was a 25 year old Airforce Security Policeman at Fairchild AFB in Washington he single-handedly stop an active killer who had already killed or injured injured over 25 people. Andy shared his story with a recent LFI class and gave us permission to share his story with our listeners. This is a very moving story and conjures up some very disturbing images, yet is a story worth telling and hearing from a young man who was truly a hero that day.