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089 Glock43

And we’re back… This time with a new introduction from Glock. Mas and Gail made a rare visit to the Glock factory in Smyrna, GA. They got to shoot the long-awaited Glock 43 well before the announcement. They held to the non-disclosure agreement, which would have allowed them to talk about it on 3/20/15, but when someone else jumped the gun, Glock took the legal leash off, so here’s the story early.

Gail and Mas shot heck out of the Glock 43, and shot it side by side with the Glock 42 .380 and the Glock 26 9mm. They got a briefing from multiple Glock executives involved in the project, including Dr. Michael Jacquorie, senior executive vice president. You’ll hear about the gun from the Glock insiders themselves, and get a rare look inside the Glock factory in Smyrna, GA.

G43 Specs

Download the PDF file .


Or watch video here.





Glock 43



Media Tour_177

Media Tour_373

Media Tour_486

Dr Michael Jacquorie, Senior Executive Vice President

Glock Factory

088 Gun For Hire

In this Episode Mas interviews Anthony Colandro the owner of Gun For Hire in Woodland Hills, New Jersey. If you ever find yourself in the New York / New Jersey metropolitan area you really should check them out.  In the meantime you can listen to Anthony and Sandy on Gun for Hire Radio.

More links for this episode:

The Drake Case, and here, and an article by Emily Miller.

085 AR-15 Wisdom

The ProArms Podcast team picks the brains of a top AR15 instructor “Kevin.”  He touches on the fine points of selection, operation, and maintenance.  “Everything you need…and nothing you don’t.”

Article about steel cased vs. brass cased ammo.

077 Kitty Richards on IDPA and Fashion

Catching up with Kitty Richards is nearly impossible, she is everywhere. It has been said that “if you shoot IDPA you know Kitty Richards”

We caught her early early one morning (before work, eeek!) for this ProArms Broadcast. She gave us an update  on that is happening with the Tiger Teams and how the process of the revisions of the rules is progressing and what to expect in the future.

Next we talked about the Women’s Concealed Carry Fashion Show held in Hudson, NY.

Full coverage can be found on the Armed Candy Blog.

Kitty talked about the Flashbang.

074 Catching Up with the ProArms Crew

Terri wearing her Nighthawk Custom 9mm, worn with Stingray holster and magazine pouch by Secret Squirrel Leather. 

 A better look at Terri’s gun and holster. 


Nighthawk Custom Pistols

Nighthawk Custom Training

Magazines for the 9mm 1911 designed by Rob Leatham made by Metalform

Holsters talked about in this episode:


Secret Squirrel Leather

Garrett Holsters


Looper Law Enforcement

White Dog Holsters


Remora Holsters


Roadgunner Podcast

Handgun World Podcast

CATO Panel on Stand your Ground Laws (complete)

CATO Podcast with Massad Ayoob

Massad Ayoob on Stand Your Ground, Police Chiefs, and Trayvon Martin

The reason Gail (who will never do this unarmed again) was walking on an abandoned railroad bed in Chicago.

070 Talking About Concealed Carry Purses with Kathy Jackson of the Cornered Cat

It’s another ProArms Broadcast!! Links for this BroadCast:

Firearms Academy of Seattle

The Cornered Cat

What are you compensating for?


Gun Rights Policy Conference

Purse Companies:

The Concealment Shop


Designer Concealed Carry


Gun Totin Mamas

Ladies Protection

063 Rhino? Why, yes!

The  Rhino is a homely beast
but you should try one, at the least.

–    With apologies to Ogden Nash.

This is a long episode. First the ProArms team was charged with testing a Chiappa Rhino and we found a lot to like about this new revolver of revolutionary design.

In the second part we talk with Grant Cunningham about the mechanics of the Rhino, and more.


Chiappa Rhino Website

Grant Cunningham’s Blog Posts on the Rhino, excellent pictures here.

The cutaway Rhino from the SHOT Show 2010

The 2″ Rhino we tested for this review

The “Cocking Lever” and rear sight. Red “Cocking Indicator” can be seen on the left side on top.

A closeup the the Rhino’s hexagonal cylinder showing the pins and the extractor star.

This is the group Mas shot out of the Rhino Revolver.MagTech Gold 125 grain .357 Magnum hollowpoint at 25 yards, 5 shots, 3 in one hole.

Our Lovely Holster Model Chris, shows off the Rhino in it’s sleek custom holster.

Some new info from the Manufacturer:


A revolver bred for competition!  The Rhino Revolver’s unique combination of ergonomic design and physical characteristics will make it a natural born revolver for competitive shooting.  Chiappa has developed a series of competitive enhancement kits to meet the specific needs of competitive shooting sports which will increase the Rhino’s performance to the greatest degree.   Both double action pull and single action release will be greatly enhanced by these performance kits.  Please note, that due to the lighter pull obtained, some of these kits may not be suitable for defensive purposes and should not be utilized in a “Service” revolver.  Every Rhino will be manufactured with a standard “Fire Control” set, however you will have the option for the following performance “Fire Control” sets:

Stage 1:  While maintaining reliability for a “Service Revolver”, Stage 1 Fire Control reduces both double action trigger pull and SA release from the standard model bringing the DA pull to approximately 8-10 Lb, with a very smooth DA cycle.

Stage 2: Perfect for combat / tactical competition, Stage 2 Fire Control kit reduces the DA trigger pull is reduced and will allow speed on trigger release. DA Trigger pull is reduced to 7-8 pounds delivering a very soft but reliable DA trigger pull with reliable ignition*  (this set must be used with soft primers to insure reliability)

Stage 3: For speed events and precision shooting, the Stage 3 fire control kit is the perfect choice!  Stage 3 reduces the double action pull to a mere 6-7 pounds, providing a very smooth and lightning quick trigger return.  (This set must be used with soft primers to insure reliability)

Only authorized service centers can perform these modifications, because they will have necessary tools and original components for replacement.

047 Ed Brown and Jared Reston

This week we have two very different interviews both recorded at the SHOT show in January.

First we have Mas interviewing Ed Brown of Here’s a review of the gun by Walt Rauch.
Ed Brown and Mas with the Massad Ayoob Signature 1911

The second interview that Mas does is the latest in our series of interviews with people who have been in armed encounters and survived to share their stories with us. This time Mas interviews Jared Reston a Jacksonville Florida Police Officer who not only survived seven hits with a .45, he was able to win the fight. He was most definitely saved by wearing his bullet-proof vest but he still received some very serious gunshot wounds. Listen to his chilling story. Once again, as in all of these stories, there are many lessons here to be learned. I am just going to list a few links to Jared’s story here.

Jan 26, 2008
Jan 30, 2008
SHOT Show 2010 video

Jared Reston pointing to where the .45 cal bullet exited after it smashed his jaw.

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