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064 ProArms Broadcast – Women in the Gun Media Part Deux

First off we visit with Suzi Huntington the Editor of American Cop Magazine. Suzi shares with us her vast experience of being a police officer especially being a woman in a “mans” world. Then we talk about  her newest career, since she “retired” (as if anyone who works so hard can be considered “retired”), as editor of American Cop Magazine.

Pete Brownell and Frank Brownell celebrate winning Shooting Industry Masters awards with Suzi Huntington of FMG Publications

Photo courtesy of Brownell’s

Second we talk with our good Friend Kathy Jackson, we wanted to talk about her new book The Cornered Cat: A Woman’s Guide to Concealed Carry.  As usual we strayed from the topic at hand to talk about shopping and training and some Christmas gift ideas.

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United States Concealed Carry Association

The Cornered Cat

In The Gravest Extreme

Galco Handbags (Couldn’t find a link for Safariland purses but Galco makes great purses)

060 Protecting Yourself on the Street and in Court

We’re back with another set of interviews for your listening pleasure. First we will hear from Tom Givens of Rangemaster in Memphis, an excellent training facility who probably has the dubious distinction of have trained the largest number of armed citizens that have been involved in a self-defense incident that required them to draw a weapon. You can find information about their Tactical Conferences there too.

Tom also writes for SWAT Magazine and we talk about his recent review of the Taurus Judge. Sorry but the article isn’t on like but I have linked to the issue.

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Second up will be an update on The Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network with Marty Hayes. the network has grown considerably since it’s inception almost three years ago. Marty talks about a case the network worked on you can find more info on the case in the September ACLDN Journal.

059 Proarms Broadcast – Shooting Stars

It’s another ProArms Broadcast. This episodes theme is “Shooting Stars”  First, we visit with Joanna Lenczewska a true Star Shooter. We met up with Joanna and her husband Ken Ortbach last January at the SHOT Show, where we talked with them about all the shooting sports they are involved in and a lot more.

Next it’s Debbie Albright who runs a women’s shooting program in Sierra Vista, AZ who we just happened to run in to at the range while we were there teaching the first MAG 40 class.

Links For this Episode:

Go To Meeting

Ben Avery Range

Sierra Vista Rod and Gun

Shooting Stars

Joanna Lenczewska and Ken Ortbach.

Joanna’s beautiful Christmas Present Revolver

Joanna; “Kicking some Butt”

Debbie Albright founder of “Shooting Stars”

Debbie teaching at one of the Shooting Star Classes

Typical Shooting Stars Target.

O53 On the Road Again, with Grant Cunningham and Rob Pincus

Another “On the Road” Episode, this time Gail Interviews Grant Cunningham and Rob Pincus.

Grant Cunningham:

Grant Cunningham’s website and blog:

Grant’s Facebook personal page.

Rob Pincus:

I.C.E. Training

Personal Defense Network

The Best Defense


Armed American Radio

And more links to the topics Steve & Gail Discussed:

Flagler Gun Club

Flagler IDPA

Pro Arms Store in Live Oak, FL

Massad Ayoob Group

052 Interview with Bob Stasch of the Chicago Police Department

Another “On the Road” Episode, this time we talk to a 30 year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, who shares a wealth of his experience with us. We caught up with Bob Stasch at the ILEETA conference in Illinois last month and in this episode Mas talks to him about his many years “on the job” … and the many line of duty gunfights he has survived and won.

Bob Stasch in his office in Chicago

First Shots is coming to Live Oak, Florida!

Pro Arms is having a First Shots Program at their Live Oak Florida location. First Shots is a great introduction to shooting for anyone interested in the shooting sports, no experience necessary.

Date: June 26, 2010

Time 1:00 & 3:00 PM

To sign up call 386-364-GUNS and ask for Steve.

051 Dr. Paula Bratich on Concealed Carry in Illinois and Kathy Jackson

Links from the show:

Flyer for the  Will County Town Hall Meeting on May 25, 2010

Flyer for the Cook County Town Hall Meeting on May 27, 2010

Illinois State Rifle Association

ISRA’s YouTube Channel

Illinois Carry

Second Amendment Sisters

Massad Ayoob Group (for the Class Paula was talking about)

How to Make Your Wife Hate Guns

First Shots

050 Interviews with David Lawson and Adam Orlov, Two of the Plaintiffs in the McDonald v Chicago Case

This week we wrap up our series of interviews with the Plaintiffs in the McDonald v Chicago case.

First we talk with David Lawson and then we speak with Adam Orlov, both interviews were obtained on our recent visit to Chicago.

Please see previous episodes with interviews with Otis McDonald and Colleen Lawson.

049 A Conversation with Otis McDonald

Anyone who has been following Massad Ayoob’s Blog knows that we have been working on a series of interviews with the Plaintiffs in the McDonald v Chicago Case presented before the Supreme Court. First he presented an interview with Colleen Lawson, today we present our interview with Otis McDonald and our next episode will have interviews with the last two of the four plaintiffs David Lawson and Adam Orlov. So now, sit back and enjoy the conversation Mas had with Otis McDonald.

048 ProArms Broadcast: McDonald v Chicago – Colleen Lawson & Kathy Jackson “Nothing Happened”

We bring you two strong, intelligent women who are both very involved in the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

First is Kathy Jackson, who you have heard on our Podcast before, this time we present a recording of a talk about situational awareness that she gave during a class at the Firearms Academy of Seattle Last Summer.

Kathy Jackson

Next we talk to Colleen Lawson, who is one of the plaintiffs in the McDonald v Chicago case that was presented before the Supreme Court. For more commentary on the case visit Mas’ blog at Backwoods Home Magazine

Colleen Lawson

047 Ed Brown and Jared Reston

This week we have two very different interviews both recorded at the SHOT show in January.

First we have Mas interviewing Ed Brown of Here’s a review of the gun by Walt Rauch.
Ed Brown and Mas with the Massad Ayoob Signature 1911

The second interview that Mas does is the latest in our series of interviews with people who have been in armed encounters and survived to share their stories with us. This time Mas interviews Jared Reston a Jacksonville Florida Police Officer who not only survived seven hits with a .45, he was able to win the fight. He was most definitely saved by wearing his bullet-proof vest but he still received some very serious gunshot wounds. Listen to his chilling story. Once again, as in all of these stories, there are many lessons here to be learned. I am just going to list a few links to Jared’s story here.

Jan 26, 2008
Jan 30, 2008
SHOT Show 2010 video

Jared Reston pointing to where the .45 cal bullet exited after it smashed his jaw.

We enjoy all of the Podcasts on the Gun Rights Radio Network and participate in the forum but the GRRN needs our help to continue. As we add more Podcasts to the network and new people join the forum our resourced are getting sapped. We at the ProArms Podcast never ask you for donations because we have a wonderful sponsor, the Pro Arms Store, but the GRRN relies on subscriptions to pay it’s bills. So in order to help raise some funds for the GRRN we are offering a chance to win $800.00 worth of training from the newly formed Massad Ayoob Group. That amount will cover the tuition for 4 or 5 day MAG 40 course. We will be accepting entries through September 30 2010.

If you would like to enter please forward a copy of your paid subscription or donation to:

One last comment: We are still in the process of moving everything over to our new servers for the podcast and are trying to make a few improvements / adjustments too. For instance the MP3 file for this Podcast is considerably smaller. If you notice and problems with the audio portion of this episode please let us know over at the Gun  Rights Radio Network.