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095 George Zimmerman and Don West

Observing the somber lessons of the recent fifth anniversary of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman incident, we at the ProArms Podcast present George Zimmerman’s own story in his own words.  It was presented in February 2016 by Zimmerman and his co-counsel, Don West, at a Massad Ayoob Group MAG-40 class in Florida. This intense two-hour presentation offers the evidence the mainstream media didn’t touch.  This is one of the most compelling things we’ve ever posted at the ProArms Podcast.

In case you are not familiar with or need refreshing on the incident.

Massad Ayoob, Don Weat and George Zimmerman
George Zimmerman addressing the MAG40 class with Massad Ayoob and Don West.

These are the photos mentioned in the podcast.

Matthew Apperson convicted.


075 Legal Issues and the Colorado Shooting

We are back!!!

This year it have been particularly difficult getting the podcasts posted, not for lack of good material but for lack of time to be able to sit down at the computer. This podcast was made possible with a lot of editing help from our friend Miguel. Okay, he did all the editing. You may know Miguel from his blog; The Gun Free Zone or from Concealed Carry Magazine, or all the other places he haunts on the internet, we owe him tons of thanks for helping us to get back on track. Thanks Miggy!

This podcast was recorded at a Continuing Legal Education class in Washington presented by ACLDN CLE page.

Links from the show:

Larry Hickey Case

Colorado Theater Shooting

In case you missed it here is the Piers Morgan / John Lott interview we talked about.

060 Protecting Yourself on the Street and in Court

We’re back with another set of interviews for your listening pleasure. First we will hear from Tom Givens of Rangemaster in Memphis, an excellent training facility who probably has the dubious distinction of have trained the largest number of armed citizens that have been involved in a self-defense incident that required them to draw a weapon. You can find information about their Tactical Conferences there too.

Tom also writes for SWAT Magazine and we talk about his recent review of the Taurus Judge. Sorry but the article isn’t on like but I have linked to the issue.

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Second up will be an update on The Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network with Marty Hayes. the network has grown considerably since it’s inception almost three years ago. Marty talks about a case the network worked on you can find more info on the case in the September ACLDN Journal.

050 Interviews with David Lawson and Adam Orlov, Two of the Plaintiffs in the McDonald v Chicago Case

This week we wrap up our series of interviews with the Plaintiffs in the McDonald v Chicago case.

First we talk with David Lawson and then we speak with Adam Orlov, both interviews were obtained on our recent visit to Chicago.

Please see previous episodes with interviews with Otis McDonald and Colleen Lawson.

049 A Conversation with Otis McDonald

Anyone who has been following Massad Ayoob’s Blog knows that we have been working on a series of interviews with the Plaintiffs in the McDonald v Chicago Case presented before the Supreme Court. First he presented an interview with Colleen Lawson, today we present our interview with Otis McDonald and our next episode will have interviews with the last two of the four plaintiffs David Lawson and Adam Orlov. So now, sit back and enjoy the conversation Mas had with Otis McDonald.

048 ProArms Broadcast: McDonald v Chicago – Colleen Lawson & Kathy Jackson “Nothing Happened”

We bring you two strong, intelligent women who are both very involved in the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

First is Kathy Jackson, who you have heard on our Podcast before, this time we present a recording of a talk about situational awareness that she gave during a class at the Firearms Academy of Seattle Last Summer.

Kathy Jackson

Next we talk to Colleen Lawson, who is one of the plaintiffs in the McDonald v Chicago case that was presented before the Supreme Court. For more commentary on the case visit Mas’ blog at Backwoods Home Magazine

Colleen Lawson

046 McDonald v Chicago

In light of the upcoming McDonald v Chicago Supreme Court Case we present a recording made at a Press Conference recorded at the last SHOT Show.
Participating in the Press Conference are Joe Tartaro and Alan Gottlieb of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

For more information on the case go to

035 The Bison King

This is a story of justice gone wrong. It doesn’t include guns or shooting but there are many lessons to be learned here.

If you spend any time on the various internet fora you will come across many discussions of what would happen if one is involved in a self-defense shooting. You will hear people state something to the effect of “It doesn’t matter what kind of gun, ammo, trigger etc. that I use, all that matters is if it’s a good shoot.” The people who actually work in the courts have seen otherwise. Often, personal agendas and political correctness drive lawsuits that have no merit, and occasionally, they even engender wrongful prosecutions.

Here, Attorney Jim Fleming details one of the latter. It wasn’t a shooting case, but the same dynamics that occurred in this incident will be familiar to anyone who has ever been wrongfully accused.

You can get the book “The Bison King” at Tate Publishing or at Amazon for the Kindle.