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057 It’s a ProArms BroadCast! With Kathy Jackson and Jennie Van Tuyl

Another (almost) all girl Podcast, we visit one again with our friend Kathy Jackson to talk about her upcoming book based on her fabulous Cornered Cat Website we also get some news from Concealed Carry Magazine of which Kathy is the Managing Editor.

We also Talk to Jeannie VanTuyl who runs a “Gun Boutique” catering to women particularly but not necessarily exclusively, he husband Bill is customizing some amazing home Defense 20g shotguns. These are exactly the type of shotguns we recommended in our shotgun episodes, they’re not easy to find but you can get them at Jennies Shop:

Rivendell Sales & Consulting
P.O. Box 355
Vaughn, Wa 98349.

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Links for this episode:

Norpoint Range


Oleg Volk

Overview of the Remington 1100, note the “non-tactical” wood Furniture

“Sporting 20″ a kinder, friendlier name.

Remington 1100

Close-up of the shortened butt-stock and recoil pad

Close-up showing the extended safety,

Rifle Sights

and extended magazine.

Ok, we let some men shoot it. This gun has very little recoil and gets right back on target.

Jennie rocking the shotgun

Jennie & Bill Van Tuyl of Rivendell Sales and Consulting

051 Dr. Paula Bratich on Concealed Carry in Illinois and Kathy Jackson

Links from the show:

Flyer for the  Will County Town Hall Meeting on May 25, 2010

Flyer for the Cook County Town Hall Meeting on May 27, 2010

Illinois State Rifle Association

ISRA’s YouTube Channel

Illinois Carry

Second Amendment Sisters

Massad Ayoob Group (for the Class Paula was talking about)

How to Make Your Wife Hate Guns

First Shots

048 ProArms Broadcast: McDonald v Chicago – Colleen Lawson & Kathy Jackson “Nothing Happened”

We bring you two strong, intelligent women who are both very involved in the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

First is Kathy Jackson, who you have heard on our Podcast before, this time we present a recording of a talk about situational awareness that she gave during a class at the Firearms Academy of Seattle Last Summer.

Kathy Jackson

Next we talk to Colleen Lawson, who is one of the plaintiffs in the McDonald v Chicago case that was presented before the Supreme Court. For more commentary on the case visit Mas’ blog at Backwoods Home Magazine

Colleen Lawson

045 – The ProArms Broadcast, Two Great Books

This week Terri and Gail take over the Podcast, there has been way too much testosterone around here lately so we thought we would bring you two books by female authors that we recommend highly. You have heard them both on the ProArms Podcast before and we’re always glad to get them on the show. First we talk to Gila Hayes about her newest book “Personal Defense for Women” Gila is a prolific writer and a firearms instructor at the Firearms Academy of Seattle. This interview was recorded last September up at F.A.S. just after we heard the news about the woman who was murdered at Yale University. The next interview is with another prolific author, Kathy Jackson,  who is also the editor of Concealed Carry Magazine and the creator the The Cornered Cat website. If you’ve never visited The Corner Cat  you’re missing a lot and it’s not just for women, guys can learn something there too.  Kathy talks with us about her book that she co-authored with Mark Walters of Armed American Radio called Lessons from Armed America.True-life stories of armed encounters and the lessons that we can learn from them. We end this episode with a stirring rendition of  “The Gringo Pistolero” as performed by Andy Stanford.

026 A Pioneering Pundit, a Pistol Purveyor, and a Petite Powerhouse Potpourri

his week some of the ProArms Team is on the road gathering new and exciting interviews. So, we went into the file of choice interviews that we save for special occasions.  We start off with a great interview Gail did with Tom Gresham last June when they were in Hannibal Mo, filming segments for Personal Defense TV.

Next we, we have recent interviews with two very special women. First you’ll meet Kate Krueger, who owns Derby Guns in Scottsdale, Arizona and has flourished in a world where gun shops are traditionally run by males.  Finally, hear the inspiring story of 21-year-old Anna Gunter’s journey into both armed and unarmed combat skills, and how she, alone, backed down a gang of punks who approached her with obvious nefarious intent.

Tom Gresham’s Websites:

Derby Guns: