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It was world news a few months ago when a crazed man released his menagerie of wild animals upon his community, and then committed suicide. It was  left to the Muskingum County, Ohio Sheriff’s Department under Sheriff Matt Lutz to contain the dangerous animals before they could maul or kill citizens.

A link is provided here for the report by the Sheriff’s Department.  Here, we present the story told by those who were there. A detective who had to blast a lion at close range with a 12 gauge. A deputy who killed a charging bear with a single shot from his Glock .40, just an instant before the bear reached him. The patrol and SWAT deputies who hunted through the night with their patrol rifles and SWAT precision rifles, until the last threat to their community was extinguished. And the high Sheriff, who had to answer for it all.

Thanks to our friend, associate, and consultant Keith Jones, who participated in the discussion.

The Ayoob Files in American Handgunner


Esquire Magazine article by Chris Jones.

069 Technology Jon

Gail and Jon Hodoway talk about technology in the gun world and more. We’re back with new editing software, please be patient, there’s a learning curve. Thanks to all the listeners for your support during this break, now hopefully we will ba back on track with our fortnightly podcasts.


You heard about Joe Zamudio, the armed citizen hero who helped stop the Tucson Massacre last January, and heard clips of his comments on TV and YouTube.
Now, for the first time, hear his whole story in his own words, at a Massad Ayoob Group class hosted by Dan Southard’s Gator Farms Tactical in Sierra Vista, AZ.
Share Joe’s outrage at the Brady Bunch types who accused him of “almost shooting the wrong person” … and realize by that standard, if you’re listening to this podcast while driving, you just “almost” had a hundred head-on collisions with traffic in the opposite lane. We salute Joe Zamudio, a genuine American hero and a role model for responsibly armed citizens.
Joe with the Ruger P95 he had that fateful day, in a holster custom made for him by Jim March.

067 The Two Jon Podcast

After a loooong break, with many excuses for not posting a Podcast.
Honest… I ran out of gas.
I… I had a flat tire.
I didn’t have enough money for cab fare.
My tux didn’t come back from the cleaners.
An old friend came in from out of town.
Someone stole my car.
There was an earthquake.
A terrible flood.

We present here for your listening pleasure Jon Strayer interviewing Jon Hodoway about shooting, training, security, church and a whole lot more.

066 ProArms BroadCast meets the Practical Defense Podcast

Alex Haddox and Gail interview Martial Arts Champion Graciela Casillas-Tortorelli. Graciela is living proof that strength and femininity are not mutually exclusive attributes. The holder of world championships in multiple fighting forms, from boxing to kick-boxing, Graciela discusses her famous incident on the Pacific Coast Highway when a rapist became a classic example of what Mas Ayoob calls “cause of death: sudden and acute failure of the victim selection process.” Listen to a true role model fighting female!


The ProArms crew is proud to bring you an interview with one of the survivors of the cataclysmic gunfight that occurred in a southern Miami suburb now known as Pinecrest, 25 years ago this coming April 11.

New information continues to emerge from this extremely complicated engagement. It had been reported that Hanlon had passed out from loss of blood after being wounded and seeing his companions killed alongside him, but we now learn from the man himself that he never lost consciousness.

In the moments before the shooting erupted, while Hanlon was trying to force the suspects’ car off the road from the left side, Agent Richard Manauzzi had rammed the fugitive vehicle from behind, spinning it out of control. Mas had reported back in the ‘80s that Manauzzi had done so to keep either of them from shooting Hanlon or his partner Ed Mireles, but Hanlon reveals that Manauzzi had actually seen suspect Michael Platt raising his rifle toward Hanlon and Mireles. In risking his own life to ram them, Manauzzi probably saved the lives of the agents. Without that action, the fatalities on the FBI side would likely have doubled. We are pleased to be the venue in which this important information was revealed.

Steve and Mas, two of our ProArms members with many years in law enforcement, both feel that Hanlon’s comments about the character needed for the job should be played to police recruits on their first day at the Academy.

All of us salute the eight courageous agents, living and dead, whose selfless actions brought to an end the long, murderous rampage of Michael Platt and William Matix, and we particularly thank retired Special Agent John Hanlon for sharing his recollections and observations with us and our listeners.

063 Rhino? Why, yes!

The  Rhino is a homely beast
but you should try one, at the least.

–    With apologies to Ogden Nash.

This is a long episode. First the ProArms team was charged with testing a Chiappa Rhino and we found a lot to like about this new revolver of revolutionary design.

In the second part we talk with Grant Cunningham about the mechanics of the Rhino, and more.


Chiappa Rhino Website

Grant Cunningham’s Blog Posts on the Rhino, excellent pictures here.

The cutaway Rhino from the SHOT Show 2010

The 2″ Rhino we tested for this review

The “Cocking Lever” and rear sight. Red “Cocking Indicator” can be seen on the left side on top.

A closeup the the Rhino’s hexagonal cylinder showing the pins and the extractor star.

This is the group Mas shot out of the Rhino Revolver.MagTech Gold 125 grain .357 Magnum hollowpoint at 25 yards, 5 shots, 3 in one hole.

Our Lovely Holster Model Chris, shows off the Rhino in it’s sleek custom holster.

Some new info from the Manufacturer:


A revolver bred for competition!  The Rhino Revolver’s unique combination of ergonomic design and physical characteristics will make it a natural born revolver for competitive shooting.  Chiappa has developed a series of competitive enhancement kits to meet the specific needs of competitive shooting sports which will increase the Rhino’s performance to the greatest degree.   Both double action pull and single action release will be greatly enhanced by these performance kits.  Please note, that due to the lighter pull obtained, some of these kits may not be suitable for defensive purposes and should not be utilized in a “Service” revolver.  Every Rhino will be manufactured with a standard “Fire Control” set, however you will have the option for the following performance “Fire Control” sets:

Stage 1:  While maintaining reliability for a “Service Revolver”, Stage 1 Fire Control reduces both double action trigger pull and SA release from the standard model bringing the DA pull to approximately 8-10 Lb, with a very smooth DA cycle.

Stage 2: Perfect for combat / tactical competition, Stage 2 Fire Control kit reduces the DA trigger pull is reduced and will allow speed on trigger release. DA Trigger pull is reduced to 7-8 pounds delivering a very soft but reliable DA trigger pull with reliable ignition*  (this set must be used with soft primers to insure reliability)

Stage 3: For speed events and precision shooting, the Stage 3 fire control kit is the perfect choice!  Stage 3 reduces the double action pull to a mere 6-7 pounds, providing a very smooth and lightning quick trigger return.  (This set must be used with soft primers to insure reliability)

Only authorized service centers can perform these modifications, because they will have necessary tools and original components for replacement.

062 Training Roundtable

We get a bunch of friends, students, instructors, podcasters, listeners and our contest winner, together at a recent MAG40 class to talk about the class, training in general and having a good time.

Links from this episode:

United States Concealed Carry Association

The Cornered Cat

Gun Rights News Podcast

Back Row: Mas, Steve, Gary, John, Mike, Norm,

Middle: Gail, Terri

Front: Herman, Blaze

MAG40 Class Picture from the Live Oak Class

061 The IDPA Nationals 2010

We get most of the ProArms crew together, in our round-table format, to discuss the recent IDPA Nationals. Including what you need to do in order to qualify to go to the National Match, our equipment choices and some lessons learned.

International Defensive Shooting Association

U.S. Shooting Academy

060 Protecting Yourself on the Street and in Court

We’re back with another set of interviews for your listening pleasure. First we will hear from Tom Givens of Rangemaster in Memphis, an excellent training facility who probably has the dubious distinction of have trained the largest number of armed citizens that have been involved in a self-defense incident that required them to draw a weapon. You can find information about their Tactical Conferences there too.

Tom also writes for SWAT Magazine and we talk about his recent review of the Taurus Judge. Sorry but the article isn’t on like but I have linked to the issue.

Hold your meetings online for just $49 a month Try GoToMeeting free.

Second up will be an update on The Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network with Marty Hayes. the network has grown considerably since it’s inception almost three years ago. Marty talks about a case the network worked on you can find more info on the case in the September ACLDN Journal.