Not many notes on this podcast, Mas’ book, pictured on the right is out of print but if you’re interested I have seen it on secondary markets. Thanks to Tommy Nelson who you can hear here on the PARAcast.

092 The Beretta 92

OMG!!! Another ProArms Podcast already and it’s a ProArms BroadCast! We threw the guys out again up at Firearms Academy of Seattle and had a roundtable discussion with just the women. Our guests this week are Jenna Meek, Tammy Smith, Jennie VanTuyl and Diane Walls.   Links for this episode: […]

091 Women Trainers, Women Carry

August 2008, Officer Tim Gramins of the Skokie, IL Police dept. comes across a bad guy, a real bad guy who soaked up 14 rounds of .45ACP before the last 3 shots took him down. Listen here to Officer Gramins tell the story of what happened that day. Why one […]

090 Officer Tim Gramins, Skokie Police Dept.

Glock Factory 1
And we’re back… This time with a new introduction from Glock. Mas and Gail made a rare visit to the Glock factory in Smyrna, GA. They got to shoot the long-awaited Glock 43 well before the announcement. They held to the non-disclosure agreement, which would have allowed them to talk […]

089 Glock43

Gun For Hire
In this Episode Mas interviews Anthony Colandro the owner of Gun For Hire in Woodland Hills, New Jersey. If you ever find yourself in the New York / New Jersey metropolitan area you really should check them out.  In the meantime you can listen to Anthony and Sandy on Gun […]

088 Gun For Hire

Spencer Newcomer Addresses a MAG 40 class in Harrisburg, PA. August 3012 4
On June 10, 2012 Spencer Newcomer shot and killed his next door neighbor in self defense. On this episode of the ProArms Podcast we listen in as Spencer recounts his experiences on that day and during his subsequent incarceration and eventual acquittal of a First-Degree Murder charge. Friend of the […]

087 The Spencer Newcomer Case

Mas Ayoob Interviewing Ron Cohen 1
Mas interviews Ron Cohen last Summer when he and Gail Visited the SIG Sauer facilities in New Hampshire, doing research for Mas’ upcoming new book:  The Gun Digest Book of the SIG Sauer.  

086 Interview with Ron Cohen, CEO of SIG Sauer

The ProArms Podcast team picks the brains of a top AR15 instructor “Kevin.”  He touches on the fine points of selection, operation, and maintenance.  “Everything you need…and nothing you don’t.” Article about steel cased vs. brass cased ammo.

085 AR-15 Wisdom

Bonaci Jewelry Store Attempted Robbery 4
In May 0f 2013 and armed robber attempted to rob the Bonaci Jewelry Store in Kent, WA. The robber came in with his gun drawn, Bob Bonaci had little time to react but react he did. He performed the indicated response and the robber was found dead on a bench […]

084 The Bonaci Jewelry Store Attempted Robbery

Tam Keel
We are back with a whole new site and some podcasts dug out of the vault. this is an interview we did last summer with Tam Keel a writer for SWAT and Concealed Carry Magazines as well as her own very popular blog View From the Porch. We met with […]

083 The Evil Princess Interviews The Queen of Snark

Gail met with Joyce Wilson, Executive Director of IDPA, at the NRA conference in Houston, to discuss the upcoming new IDPA rule book which will be unveiled this Monday. We thought this was important and time sensitive information so we are  posting this as a ProArms Podcast NanoCast. Enjoy!!  

082 The New IDPA Rule Book with Joyce Wilson

Lee Wills
We present two from the vault for this episode. First part is a conversation with a young shooter named Lee Willis and his family that we met about 2 years ago, he has continued to compete and excel since we recorded the interview. The second segment is about a training aid that we have […]

081 Lee Wills and iMarksman

Deon Martin
The ProArms Team goes down to Wildwood Florida for a  match / training session with Deon Martin and stayed to record a roundtable discussion after.

078 Shooting with Deon Martin