Kitty Richards
Catching up with Kitty Richards is nearly impossible, she is everywhere. It has been said that “if you shoot IDPA you know Kitty Richards” We caught her early early one morning (before work, eeek!) for this ProArms Broadcast. She gave us an update  on that is happening with the Tiger Teams […]

077 Kitty Richards on IDPA and Fashion

We are cross-posting an episode of the Road Gunner Podcast here because this one was a joint effort with ProArms when we visited Nighthawk Custom  (OK, Unnamed Trucker did do all the recording and editing work). You can catch his podcasts here at

076 Bonus Episode with The Road Gunner Podcast

Marty Hayes, Massad Ayoob and Jim Fleming
We are back!!! This year it have been particularly difficult getting the podcasts posted, not for lack of good material but for lack of time to be able to sit down at the computer. This podcast was made possible with a lot of editing help from our friend Miguel. Okay, he did […]

075 Legal Issues and the Colorado Shooting

Terri wearing her Nighthawk Custom 9mm, worn with Stingray holster and magazine pouch by Secret Squirrel Leather.   A better look at Terri’s gun and holster.  SAAMI Nighthawk Custom Pistols Nighthawk Custom Training Magazines for the 9mm 1911 designed by Rob Leatham made by Metalform Holsters talked about in this episode: Terri: Secret Squirrel Leather […]

074 Catching Up with the ProArms Crew

We had most of the gang down to shoot the Florida State IDPA match at ammo and a whole lot more.   Stage 8 form the Florida State IDPA match. We talked a lot about this stage.

073 Live from Clearwater, Florida!

It was world news a few months ago when a crazed man released his menagerie of wild animals upon his community, and then committed suicide. It was  left to the Muskingum County, Ohio Sheriff’s Department under Sheriff Matt Lutz to contain the dangerous animals before they could maul or kill […]


Finally our long anticipated visit with the Gun Dude’s Wives. Listen while the women dish the dirt about Carl, Stan, Tom and Travis. Join us as we get the rest of the story from Christy, Cheryl, Danica and Sherri. The Gun Dudes will never be the same. The Gun Dudes

071 The Gun Dudes’ Wives!!!

It’s another ProArms Broadcast!! Links for this BroadCast: Firearms Academy of Seattle The Cornered Cat What are you compensating for? Rangemaster Gun Rights Policy Conference Purse Companies: The Concealment Shop Coronado Designer Concealed Carry Galco Gun Totin Mamas Ladies Protection

070 Talking About Concealed Carry Purses with Kathy Jackson of ...

Gail and Jon Hodoway talk about technology in the gun world and more. We’re back with new editing software, please be patient, there’s a learning curve. Thanks to all the listeners for your support during this break, now hopefully we will ba back on track with our fortnightly podcasts.

069 Technology Jon

You heard about Joe Zamudio, the armed citizen hero who helped stop the Tucson Massacre last January, and heard clips of his comments on TV and YouTube. Now, for the first time, hear his whole story in his own words, at a Massad Ayoob Group class hosted by Dan Southard’s […]


After a loooong break, with many excuses for not posting a Podcast. Honest… I ran out of gas. I… I had a flat tire. I didn’t have enough money for cab fare. My tux didn’t come back from the cleaners. An old friend came in from out of town. Someone […]

067 The Two Jon Podcast

Alex Haddox and Gail interview Martial Arts Champion Graciela Casillas-Tortorelli. Graciela is living proof that strength and femininity are not mutually exclusive attributes. The holder of world championships in multiple fighting forms, from boxing to kick-boxing, Graciela discusses her famous incident on the Pacific Coast Highway when a rapist became […]

066 ProArms BroadCast meets the Practical Defense Podcast

The ProArms crew is proud to bring you an interview with one of the survivors of the cataclysmic gunfight that occurred in a southern Miami suburb now known as Pinecrest, 25 years ago this coming April 11. New information continues to emerge from this extremely complicated engagement. It had been […]


First off we visit with Suzi Huntington the Editor of American Cop Magazine. Suzi shares with us her vast experience of being a police officer especially being a woman in a “mans” world. Then we talk about  her newest career, since she “retired” (as if anyone who works so hard […]

064 ProArms Broadcast – Women in the Gun Media Part ...

The  Rhino is a homely beast but you should try one, at the least. –    With apologies to Ogden Nash. This is a long episode. First the ProArms team was charged with testing a Chiappa Rhino and we found a lot to like about this new revolver of revolutionary […]

063 Rhino? Why, yes!