Renovated Site In Progress.

By popular demand, The ProArms Podcast will be back, in limited form. Think of it as a “Best of” format. We are going to go through all the old audio and pick out the best of the best, trim them down, take out the commercials, reduce the chatter and repost them here and on our YouTube channel. We have done many good interviews over the years, especially with the gunfight survivors and those are the ones that we will re-post first. Some of those people are no longer with us now and we want their lessons to continue on.

We started the Podcast in 2008, that’s a really long time ago in the podcasting world. Now it seems like everyone and their brother has a podcast. When we started and promoted the show in our classes, first we had to explain to them what a podcast was. We won’t be continuing to produce new content (well, maybe if a really good interview opportunity pops up) therefore we will not have a published feed on iTunes or anywhere else. New episodes will be posted here.