We traveled to Philly and caught up with Maj Toure to talks about his program, Black Guns Matter. We found out he is doing a lot of good work in the community in Philly, including reaching out to the schools for some much needed gun safety education. As a bonus […]

105 Black Guns Matter

Almond Avenue Pharmacy 1
On Tuesday, January 8, 2013, two men entered the Almond Avenue Pharmacy in Madera, CA guns blazing. First, they shot Bryan Lee’s mother but Bryan was ready. As the bottle of pills he was holding exploded in his hand, he jumped off his pharmacist stool and performed the prescribed response, killing one […]

104 The Almond Avenue Pharmacy Shootout

In this podcast, hero police lieutenant Brian Murphy shares his story.  The first responder to the Sikh Temple mass murder in 2012, Brian stopped the slaughter of the helpless by keeping the killer occupied until brother officer Sam Lenda could get there and, from 60 yards away, shoot down the […]

103 Survivor – The Sikh Temple Shooting.

Rhonda Ezell and Massad Ayoob
I know, this is supposed to be a BroadCast but I didn’t have a photo of me and Rhonda, only one with Mas and Rhonda so that’s what I used for this episode. We did this recording a few years ago at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Chicago. The […]

102 Ezell v City of Chicago

Karl Rehn Discusses his Red Dot Study 2
Another visit with Karl Rehn, who presented a shorter version of his Red Dot Study at a recent MAG40 class held at his range in Texas. His Red Dot Study, looked at the differences in shooter performance comparing slide mounted Red Dot sights, Frame mounted laser sights and Iron Sights […]

101 On The Dot.

We are at the NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta. Not a lot of need for text this episode, so just the links: Home Invader: The John Daub Incident in American Handgunner. John writes about what happened on his blog. Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network

099 The John Daub Incident

An Interview with Karl Rehn about his excellent presentation at Tac-Con this year.  One of the big hits was his illustration of the Dunning-Kruger effect highlighting “The Peak of Mount Stupid” and “The Valley of Despair.” You can read a written account of Karl’s presentation on his blog Notes From KR. For […]

098 Beyond the One Percent

Rich Carmona’s story is one that should have been in Reader’s Digest before it was in the ProArms Podcast.  Born poor in the barrio, he worked his way up from Green Beret medic to pioneer of the SWAT physician concept to Surgeon General of the United States.  But here’s what […]

096 This Podcast is Surgeon General Approved!

Observing the somber lessons of the recent fifth anniversary of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman incident, we at the ProArms Podcast present George Zimmerman’s own story in his own words.  It was presented in February 2016 by Zimmerman and his co-counsel, Don West, at a Massad Ayoob Group MAG-40 class in […]

095 George Zimmerman and Don West

We ventured out to Texas to the beautiful FTW ranch to shoot some new Rugers and maybe a bowling ball. The Ruger American Compact in 9mm. The Ruger Mark !V The original Ruger  LCP (top) and the LCP 2 (bottom) MAG 30 with David Maglio.

094 New Rugers

Jim Fleming, George Zimmerman, JB Herren 4
George Zimmerman talks, for the first time in public, about the aftermath of what happened that fateful night in Sanford Florida. Recorded at a legal seminar hosted by Northwest Safety First in Chehalis, WA. Massad’s writings on the Zimmerman trial can be found on the Backwoods Home website. Or you […]

093 The Aftermath: George Zimmerman Speaks