030 Ruger SR-556 Review

This week we travel up to New Hampshire and are joined by the recently retired Chief of Police of Grantham, Russ Lary. Together we visit the Ruger plant where they make all of the long guns and revolvers. Our focus is mainly on the SR-556 but we also check out where the other guns are made; particularly the LCR. We have pictures of hundreds of guns getting ready to ship, there’s no shortage here, they’re making them as fast as they realistically can. They have a new manufacturing paradigm at Ruger, now they can rapidly ramp up production on the guns that they have more orders for. For instance the 10/22s are turned out at a rate of 2 rifles per minute, while the manufacturing cells of the less ordered guns may have one or two people working in them.

We shot two different SR-556s at two different ranges with excellent results at both sessions. The guns ran smoothly, even with rapid fire, we got good groups and we experienced no malfunctions at all, with several different types of ammo.

In the second segment we talk with Russ about his opinion of the SR-556 and what he thinks of the rifle’s future in the military and law enforcement, despite the fact the company is only marketing to the civilian market right now.