Jim Fleming, George Zimmerman, JB Herren

093 The Aftermath: George Zimmerman Speaks 4

George ZimmermanDeadly Force, Massad Ayoob talks, for the first time in public, about the aftermath of what happened that fateful night in Sanford Florida.

Recorded at a legal seminar hosted by Northwest Safety First in Chehalis, WA.

Massad’s writings on the Zimmerman trial can be found on the Backwoods Home website.

Or you can find all of the blog entries as part of his Deadly Force book. Click cover for link. Or get the book free for new members who join the Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network.

Pictured above from left to right: Jim Fleming, George Zimmerman, JB Herren.

4 thoughts on “093 The Aftermath: George Zimmerman Speaks

  • DavidY

    Fascinating interview, and I am going to jump ahead in “Deadly Force” to read the Backwoods Home blog posts by Mas analyzing the case.

    I understand that this interview was focused on the aftermath and consequences of the shooting for Zimmerman, but I would really like to know Mas’s thoughts on Zimmerman’s decision-making and actions leading up to the shooting.

    As a graduate of MAG-40, I would not say like Gail “there but for the grace of God go I.” What seem to me like entirely avoidable, specific bad decisions made by Zimmerman put him in a situation where he had to use lethal force in self-defense.

    As Mas teaches, there is no second place winner in a gunfight, nor is there a first place. The only true victory is deterrence and avoidance. To me this is the biggest lesson to be learned from Zimmerman, and I hope when he writes his book and hits the lecture circuit he says this. Though I am not holding my breath.

      • DavidY

        Yes, thank you I found it in the Deadly Force book. Two passages are in line with what I would expect Mas to say (as alluded to in my original comment):

        (1) “Leaving the safety and mobility of your vehicle when suspicious unknown people are around may not be the best tactical move…” (p. 142).

        (2) “There was no winner of the fight that dark, rainy night in Sanford. Only degrees of losing” (p. 163).

        I learned alot about the Zimmerman case that I didn’t know from reading these blog entries. I recommend them to all who are interested.

        In particular, I came away with a sense that Zimmerman really does care about his community and wanted to make a positive difference that night. And that he was a victim of a politically motivated trial. That makes him a more sympathetic figure, but it doesn’t make him an exemplar or model of armed citizenship.

        For me he remains a model of what not to do. I hope that becomes part of his book and road show, if that comes about.

    • Just me

      I literally thought exactly the same as you. I have read all Mas’s books and everything he teaches makes Zimmerman wrong. I was shocked to read his thought were completely to the contrary. He absolutely defend Zimmermans actions 100%.

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