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Rich Carmona’s story is one that should have been in Reader’s Digest before it was in the ProArms Podcast.  Born poor in the barrio and a high school dropout, he worked his way up from Green Beret medic, to paramedic, to Registered Nurse, to Physician, then to pioneer of the SWAT physician concept and then to Surgeon General of the United States.  But here’s what brings him to ProArms.

In 1999, while off-duty, Dr. Carmona encountered a mad dog murderer who was about to claim his second victim, a woman he was trying to carjack.  Carmona intervened, and when the criminal opened fire on him, the good doctor shot back and killed him.

We at the ProArms Podcast are honored to present the story of a doctor who used his expertise with a Colt .45 automatic to save the life of a soon-to-be victim, as well as his own.  We’ll never know how many more lives were saved when Dr. Carmona’s courageous action put a permanent end to a crazed killer’s rampage.

This episode was recorded in 2017.

2 thoughts on “This Podcast is Surgeon General Approved!

  • AnthonyC

    I am glad to see that you folks are putting out regular podcasts again. The last few have been enlightening. Mr. Zimmerman’s and Dr. Carmona’s stories are fascinating. Although George Zimmerman was in the headline and in the public eye for months, his version of the story was never fully told. Likewise, the ordinary day-turn-tragedy story Dr. Carmona illustrates the need to carry everyday and everywhere.
    Although I like guns reviews it is the in depth stories told first person with the actual defenders that I keep coming back to listen. These Gunfight Survivors give amazing details about their thought processes, consequences that are omitted or never explored in newspaper articles or on the evening news.

    • The PrEditor Post author

      Thanks for your kind comment. We are really trying to be a little different here, so glad you like it.

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